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Come and join us!

  • Advanced riding tuition from Biarritz,  Bilbao (or Santander) around the Basque region

  • Learn to use limit points, brakes or gears to advantage, and other advanced skills

  • Exclusively for English bikers, coaching applicable to UK riding

  • Experience the roads, views and the splendid countryside of the Basque region

  • Ride with a locally based and highly experienced IAM National Observer 

  • Options for:-

    • Riders on their own bikes arriving by ferry, or riding down from the UK

    • Riders on a break or holiday in the Basque area

    • Riders who need to rent bikes in the Region

    • Bikers new to riding in Europe

    • Existing qualified advanced riders, who want to learn more and use their skills

  • Packages geared to YOUR needs, with

    • Time slots to suit you​

    • Routes to help you practice

    • Roads to practice new skills

    • Focus on the riding points that YOU want to improve

  • Overnight accommodation can be recommended, catering for all tastes

  • Route covers Spain and France around the Pyrenees Mountains

  • Stops for breaks, coaching and briefings 

  • Radios or intercom to stay in touch and commentary as we go

  • Coaching using Police Roadcraft and IMI / IAM materials

  • Safety briefing each day, with comments on YOUR route features

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