Cold out there!

This is a picture from our home in Anglet, France - and yes it is snow, very early in the winter season this year!!

Whilst the snow did not last, rain took care of that, we have to face cold weather is a real challenge for bikers and now is the time to check out your winter gear.

Are your warm layers in good shape? What are your wet weather clothes like - are the inner liners still good and do they all still fit? What about your gloves - do you have inner gloves too?

Pay special attention to boots - are they still waterproof and do you have good, thick socks.

Being cold or feeling the freezing wind when riding is dangerous - cold saps concentration and will make you more tired a lot sooner than normal conditions.

This year I have invested in re-chargable heated insoles - my feet suffer in this weather and this is one way to solve the problem of chilled toes.

I just rode home from Guildford and temperature was 3 degrees Centigrade on my gauge. Having powered up the new insoles, no frozen feet this trip and one less thing on my mind as I rode home on the pitch black A3, staying clear of all the speeding cars and vans!

Ride safe out there and stay warm.

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