Not Biking Weather.....

December in UK and the snow is here early this year.

Not the time to get on a bike I would say and despite the snow with us today, I know this weather will not last. I expect rain soon and then the roads will once more be motorcycle friendly, if not still a potential challenge for us riders. Looking ahead, staying away from standing water (where you can), remembering that you should allow longer braking distances - I will increase the 2 second rule to a 4 second rule from the vehicle in front.

However, even when we do get the more typical weather for this time of year, staying warm and dry is absolutely vital.

My technique is all about layers. I will wear two tee-shirts, a thick jumper and thermal underwear!!

Actually, I am riding down to Biarritz early next week, and the weather forecast is below. At least is will be dry until Wednesday......

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