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Back from riding around France I thought I would share a customer support tale, taken from the latest trip and reflecting what customer support is all about.

I am a loyal Triumph rider but have no reason to promote or flatter them, other than I find their products truly excellent. But, it is the support teams and people that deliver on customer support and here is a true story of how that all played out for me.

Leaving the Channel Tunnel, about an hour into the run down to Tours and my 2017 Explorer gets an engine warning lamp. Everything is working, no other issues and temperature is normal - even though it is about 5 degrees on the road!!

I pull off the highway, check the bike, stop and re-start - still the engine lamp glows.

The dealer in UK is Carl Rosner, with Adrian the Service Supremo, having had the bike in for service only a week before. I call him. We run through the problem and he tells me to push certain buttons and the display shows a fault -code - the gear selector sensor. Nothing critical, again working now, so we agree that I press on.

Now here is where it gets the real service bit. Adrian asks were I am ending up, I explain Biarritz and he checks that the Triumph dealer there (whom I know well) can fit a replacement part under warranty.

During my ride to Biarritz, emails flow back and forth and I call in to Triumph Biarritz, meet up with Daniel and with a loan bike mine for the day, the part is replaced.

Superb service and all done without my involvement, I was the just the customer.

Thank you Adrian, thank you Daniel and here is a picture of the Triumph shop in Biarritz, who are the bike rental partner we work with for tours.

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