Discount for IAM Advanced Riders

It is almost 10 years since I passed my Advanced Bike Test and I have gained a huge amount from being an IAM member, and lately being a National Observer. That is beyond the massive benefits of being a safer rider, with much more control of the machine, wherever I ride.

Brit-In-The-Basque recognises the skills acquired from passing the advanced test and will offer a 15% discount from all tours booked before 31st March 2018 to IAM Green Badge Holders.

I have already had significant interest from the various IAM Groups around the UK and it does seem only fair to offer an incentive to these riders, for the hard work and dedication needed to get the Green Badge.

There are other Advanced riding qualifications and we do not wish to single out the IAM - I have met a lot more IAM Members and as you can expect, I know the course material and content very well. Therefore, the discount also applies to other UK Advanced Qualifications, such as ROSPA.

Please remember that there are several ways to come down to join a tour start point - there are many ferry options, both Northern France and into Spain, plus there is the Eurostar. You could fly down and rent a bike too - we have a great deal with Triumph Biarritz -

We hope that advanced riders will come and enjoy the tours we provide and apply those advanced skills in some superb roads in France and Spain. See you later this year!!

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