RiDE Magazine and Europe Bike Recovery

I expect like you, I am a keen reader of the various biking magazines and this edition of RiDE got my attention due to the reference to Pyrenees.

More than that article, it had a great piece from their "staff" Lawyer, answering a question from a reader that had (unfortunately) had an off, and now needed to get his bike back home.

I can't re-publish the article here, but the gist of the reply was:-

  • If you do have your bike damaged and recovered to a garage, make sure that you get a depennage (if you are not too hurt of course...) which is the recovery dealer detail and paperwork, often handed to you by the Police at the scene.

  • The recovery will likely cost around €100-120 and storage will run to about €2.50 per day. All negotiations and paperwork will be in local language by the way.

  • Be careful of recovery dealers that take the bike to a shop that are not bike experts trying to get the repair work - the Lawyer mentions a new BMW bike being repaired by a Renault garage.....

  • If you bike is so damaged that you want to write it off in France, this seems to be impossible for a British registered bike - you can only do that with a French Carte Grise. So, it needs to come back to UK... Plus you will have British Insurance, which will require an inspection, so the bike needs to come home.

  • European Insurance or Breakdown will save you from much of the above - they all have French / Spanish / Italian speakers and will co-ordinate all this stuff.

Some of this may appear obvious and none of us wants to have a crash or damage when in Europe, but I personally cannot stress enough that you should both check your bike warranty AND get European Breakdown, which includes recovery.

Ride safe.

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