Wet Riding Weekend!

Just back from a weekend with the LAM team (www.l-a-m.org), working on Advanced Riding coaching over two days in Cromer. The picture above was not one of us and we did not have quite this much wet riding, but my goodness it did rain!

That said, I always feel good when I can ride well in the rain - by that I mean using pace, staying smooth and keeping all my observation skills to the fore. Braking distances should be considered and an overtake needs even more planning.

Wet riding happens, and being confident in the rain is important. Here is what our Chairman wrote in the Group Magazine - says it all for me!

Despite the weather, the Norfolk weekend went well with a number of associates nearly ready for their tests. It’s a really good opportunity to increase your skills when it’s raining, as we tend not to plan to go out for a ride in it. (Commuting doesn’t count).

When was the last time you looked out of your window to find it pouring down and you actively rang a your friends and arranged a ride out or an OR?

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