Re-focus for Brit-In-The-Basque

After almost 5 years of IAM Observing and 2 years of coaching Observers, I am very much into rider development and training - mainly because I know it works! Advanced riding skills have saved my life many times and I am sure that I would not enjoy my riding now, without the coaching and skills I have picked up from my Advanced Rider training. I am grateful for all those who have helped me and I enjoyed hugely helping others to ride to an Advanced standard.

So, when I came up with the Brit-In-The-Basque business concept, I always knew my passion for Advanced Riding and coaching riders to an Advanced level would be hard to avoid on the tours.

Added to this, as I got into actually doing more "tours" it was obvious that my riding style and the roads I judged to be amazing were in fact pretty challenging, and thus a less experienced rider could perhaps find the riding rather too much... Whats the point of a motorcycle tour if you don't enjoy the riding?

Based on feedback from kind friends who came with me on a recent tour and rode the roads, it is time to re-focus the business and this new website is what we are really about.

My hope is that there are many others out there who share my same passion and desire to learn, improve, have fun and be much safer when riding - this is the focus of Brit-In-The-Basque.

I know of no better place to develop and practice those Advanced Riding skills than my routes in the Pyrenees, and I truly hope that you will come and join me.

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