Wheels and Waves, Day 1

So here we are, in the thick of it!! Great day, stayed dry and in fact it was hot!!

Went to Punks Peak - a good ride out to the hills in Northern Spain, just inland from San Sebastian. Huge turnout, loads there and met some great guys from the UK too.

The format is a hill-climb race, two against each other and bikes graded by engine size and age. Here is a shot of the pit lane:

In the picture above is a Vincent Black Shadow, and here he goes against a much adjusted Triumph - guess who won?

Really was good fun and then I rode back into Biarritz to the main event venue, which has a trade show, bands, food and of course, beers...

Many bikes, Harleys everywhere of many variations and some really cool people.

I started to guess the Nationality by what the riders were wearing, example:-

  • Training shoes or sneakers and a custom (loud) bike - French

  • Every brand or logo going, mostly Harley Davidson, patches (Wheels of Steel etc) - German

  • Gloves, leathers, boots, and lock up your bike - British (Me...)

Some amazing machines on show, here is Brough Superior SS100 that I rode in with, along with the Honda CB750, Never seen one on the road and this guy could hustle. Great to see an expensive bike being ridden well -

I also saw this lovely old 66 Dommie 99 wideline - watch this space for an addition to the Hase garage...

All-in-all a very good day. Good profile for Brit-in-the-Basque, leaflets were well received and some cool new relationships.

More to follow. (Video also shot - just need to understand the upload process....)

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