Wheels and Waves - Day 2

Phew, so many bikes here now!! Here is a pic from the enduro parking and this was less than half the bikes there.

I watched the enduro guys attack these rough and muddy hills, all yours and good to see some very skilled women taking part too

The setting is a small town in the Pyrenees south of Biarritz know locally as St Pee - no comment...

Now the weekend is almost here, there are riders from all over Europe, and I met guys from Oz and the US today too - obviously they did NOT ride here!

Here is the car park today at the main venue - some amazing machines being ridden and they range from super custom bikes; some radical street bikes and really lovely vintage bikes.

Here is another shot, facing the other way..

Something for everyone here and to close today I show here a trio of Boxers. Some fancy paint work here on the GS I reckon - how to get noticed....

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