Wheels & Waves - Day 4

Wow! What a final day. The plan was to ride the 160 plus route suggested by the organisers and meet up with others along the way. The route is shown here:

As is the French way, there was no-one to ask about this at the main venue, everyone was left to their own ideas, and (of course) it could be ridden either way... Being British, I opted for clockwise, heading first for Sare - roads I know well and use for the business.

Weather was a bit grey and damp, much cooler when you climbed into the hills, but promised to be fine and sunny (hot) later.

I picked up with several riders along the way, but no British riders spotted - mainly French and Spanish. Maybe everyone was heading home?

As these were mainly custom bikes (see previous Blog posts...) they were a little slow and shall I say, somewhat noisy! Also, some varied abilities were on display, which speaks well for the value of advanced training, so I moved around between groups. Better to ride with smaller numbers and after a while, I met up with Frank from Brittany - pictured here:

Despite the menacing look, a super bloke! Good rider, progressive on his 800 Kawasaki and, after riding some of the best roads I have used for a while in here, we split up to go different ways at Osses.

This area of Northern Spain is hilly! Pictures cannot do justice but I have a shot here - this road is amazing!

It is the NA-2600, which becomes the D949, between Arizcun (Spain) and Osses (France). Hazards, beyond the views, are wandering horses, soaring eagles and random walkers that want that perfect picture!

In the end, I covered over 185 km and such a super end to the time here, plus I can add these new routes into the training rides for Brit-In-The-Basque clients. These roads will challenge many riders and are perfect for the Advanced Training work we do.

The actual show is still going as I write this, although definitely ramping down:

Many cool bikes still around and I see a different classic each time - how about this Japanse beauty, superb custom paint job too:-

Well that's it for Wheels and Waves 2018 and am ready for the run home tomorrow - motorways all the way I reckon!!!

Till next time - who is coming then??

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