Back Home and Travel Options Considered...

Back in London and thinking about the trip home, as well as the time spent in the Pyrenees - which remains without any doubt in my mind, a biking paradise.

On the day and half run home I have much time to think about the last couple of weeks and all that we did - maybe I could have done with this bike and trailer. Is this a top-up tank he has made?

I was also weighing up up the options for travel down and worked out that for the 1,100 mile door-to-door trip, not allowing for wear-and-tear on the bike (mine is now almost 18 months old and has covered 18K plus miles); I reckon it costs about £275 each way. Breakdown is here:

Tunnel Folkestone / Calais (summer peak) one way - £50

French Tolls (saves time and less planning) - £50

Hotel (overnight mid-point stop) - £50

Petrol (7 fills at an average of €20 each) - £125

Ferry options, as I understand them, are:

Portsmouth / Bilbao - £211, plus cabin,

Portsmouth / Le Harve - £65. But, this still leaves a 836Km ride from there....

I reckon its all about control. If I ride down, I can control my route, the stuff I do on the way (this time I stopped off at the 2nd World War conservation site at Oradour-sur-Glane, which was so worthwhile) and have options. Ferries can be late, the seas can be rough and the costs on board are often shocking.

In any case, hope to see you down in the Pyrenees soon!

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