French Filtering - Yes or No?

I have always assumed that filtering in France was permitted and have saved much time around cities like Bordeaux or Paris by "lane splitting", but French law says it is not allowed! But, a protest group named THE FEDERATION OF ANGRY MOTORCYCLISTS, has our back - see below:

More than 6,000 motorcyclists took over a chunk of the Paris motorway leading up to the Arc de Triomphe on Saturday to protest a reinstated ban on weaving between two lanes of cars.

“The defining characteristic of having a two-wheeled vehicle is that you can circulate between lanes,” Jean-Marc Belotti, the head of the French Federation of Angry Motorcyclists (FFMC) told French radio France Bleu. “If we’re forbidden to do that, there’s no point in having a motorcycle.”

The FFMC organised Saturday’s protest, which gathered more than 14,700 motorcyclists in protests across France, according to figures from France’s Interior Ministry. In Paris, motorcyclists lined up in tightly packed rows on the peripherique motorway that encompasses the city as they made their descent from the Arc de Triomphe to the Bois de Vincennes Park.

I applaud the action taken here and hope that this review of the filtering law means that we riders can make use of this key advantage. We will keep you posted and do ride safe, whether lane splitting or on very run.

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