I've been driving in my car...

I had some essential work trips recently and took the car to give it a run. As I live in Central London, I had about 120 mile round trip using all types of roads and coming from the bike, what an expereince to be inside a warm, comfortable car again. Plus it was wet, raining hard!!

Thoughts and conclusions from this drive were profound - we are a Nation of very selfish road users! Main takeaways I would share here were:

  • People Drive Too Close - The cars behind are far too close and the whole method of manging braking distance is denial - it wont happen to me! I try to adopt the 2 Second Rule everywhere I can - Find a fixed point (lamp post, tree, road sign or even a drain cover) and as the car in front goes past that, count 2 seconds. That is a safe distance in the dry! Double it for wet roads like yesterday. ONLY A FOOL BREAKS THE TWO SECOND RULE

  • Drivers go FAST! - The number of speeding driving is massive and I am always surprised at the range of vehicles that go so fast. Are we all so unaware of the circumstances around us and feel so safe that speeding is the "norm"? Where is it safe to speed? Motorways remain our safest roads but the way drivers race up behind another vehicle, dominate the centre lane and also swerve between vehicles makes a Motorway a scary place. Speeding in 40 / 50 mph, unless there is a camera, is also now a given I feel. I seem to notice speeding more when I am not on the bike - maybe its because I have less options to plan an escape?

  • People Don't use Lights - I was astonished how many vehicles had no lights on in heavy rain. Highway code says "you should use dipped headlights, or dim-dip if fitted, at night in built-up areas and in dull daytime weather, to ensure that you can be seen". I saw so many vehicles using no lights, and getting lost in spray or the rain mist which is a high risk to themselves and others. You also see the reliance on automatic or driving lights which also means in the dark, they have NO LIGHTS ON!!

I am hoping to get back down to France at the end of this month, Brit In The Basque is starting to ramp up now and we have riders coming out in June. Stay safe, stay well and on to a summer on two wheels.....

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