Like Arnie, we will be back, SOON!!

So, almost a year since I had Covid 19 and now I am booked in for my vaccine next week. Who would have thought in 2019, when we were so looking forward to a new decade, this pandemic would happen. I truly hope all my readers have stayed well, that their loved ones are also well, and you are ready for riding in 2021! The IAM advanded rider coaching has ceased again, and whilst i have still been our riding delivering emergency Blood ( we have not been able to really get out this year. With the dry, sunny weather, it is sooo tempting!

So what has been going on since we last posted? Well...

  • We spent almost 6 months in France last year and returned for travel to US and to be in UK for other family reasons, meaning that I have not been able to be in Anglet so far this year. How I miss it!!

  • New routes, new roads and more options for clients from time well spent riding in France and Spain last year - ready to share with you all!

  • The border with Spain has closed, so no crossing for a ride for the meantime - watching closely for updates

  • France imposed Hi-Viz rules and fines. The new €11 fine applies if you get spot checked by police and you don’t have one with you, though the fine is €135 if you are caught not wearing it at the roadside (or on the hard shoulder) in the event of an emergency due to an accident, flat tyre or breakdown. (Pillion passengers need to have one as well)

  • Spare bulbs are needed along with a Hi Viz vest. I do take breathalysers even if they are no longer a legal requirement (as of January 2020).

  • More new rules state that wearing gloves for motorcyclists will be a mandatory requirement, though I would guess that most serious riders would be wearing gloves without it being compulsory. I am always astonished by riders who do NOT wear gloves - if you do go down, hands go out and can be really hurt without gloves

  • Be awre that French authroities are studing filtering or lane-splitting and could ban it. A crash when filtering is likely to view blame on the rider. See the article from Feb here -

  • Lastly I changed my bike, see below. Now on the new Triumph GT Pro. Loving having a key, so much more nimble that the 1200 and sounds fantastic with the Arrow can. Looking forward to the Pyrenees riding in the coming months

Enough from me for now, keep patient and look for more updates as the Covid guidelines become published. I am seeing the first bookings for rides later this year - hope to see you in the Pyrenees soon! Ride SAFE!

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