Coaching Overview 

  • Aimed at all riders with a full bike licence, who want to:-

    • Improve their riding on magnificent roads, with almost no traffic​

    • Practice advanced riding techniques and skills

    • Build new skills and develop techniques to improve YOUR riding

    • Handle bends, braking, overtakes or technical roads to an advanced riding standard

    • Learn more about riding in Europe - maybe before you go off on your own?

    • Enjoy the wonderful Pyrenees!

  • Coaching is using IAM course materials and IPSGA, as used by UK Police​

  • References will be based on Roadcraft - the police Riding manual

  • Clients using rental bikes will be collected from Biarritz - we have bike rental partners

  • Operating period - May through October

  • Routes will be adjusted for client needs and the weather conditions on the day

  • Packages or a bespoke riding plan, based on YOUR needs

  • Route and coaching will be adjusted for the conditions at the time


Ride Notes

  • Briefing questionnaire (covering experience, objectives, bike type and rider objectives) before booking accepted

  • Rider responsible for their own ride, legality and breakdowns (rental bikes excepted)

  • Cost excludes fuel, meals, accommodation and other fees (speeding fines for example!)

  • Riders should have

    • A full UK (or Euro) motorcycle licence for 3 years

    • Been riding regularly on varied roads and not only commuting

    • A bike bigger than 500cc (rental bikes can be supplied, see above)

    • Travel and breakdown Insurance covering Europe and the route destinations

    • Experience comfortable riding in a wide range of road conditions, and weather

    • The attitude to learn and develop on amazing roads and scenery!


Operating period – May through October